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I cannot thank these guys enough!! i was travelling overseas with a group of friends taking photos on my iphone. Sadly one of my friends lost his life overseas and on the second last day my iphone hardware malfunctioned and my phone turned into a brick, losing all our memories. i went to a shop who said it wasn't their problem and i will never get my data back. THANKFULLY for the team at PAYAM Data recovery i was able to get back all of my pictures and nearly all the data was recovered from my phone. Meant so much to me, such as lovely company always kept me up to date

Debra Schroeder

Hi, I went to access some photos from my Samsung S5 and they had disappeared. There were so many of my grandchildren and I was devastated. I did some research and found Payam, and as they were in Adelaide decided to give them a go, didn't have anything to lose and all to gain. Fabulous, Wes was great, all photos recovered and I am so very happy. Will, and have already recommended you guys to anyone who will listen


After spending a lot of time researching the internet on how I could recover data from my Samsung Galaxy phone I come across Payam. Payam received my phone on Wednesday and on Friday I had a call telling me they had recovered my data. I felt like crying at this moment as I was so overwhelmed. I could not have been happier with the service and it was worth every cent been able to get back my Childs baby photos back! Would recommend Payam to everyone 🙂 Thank you Payam

Maria Vatos

A HUGE thank you to Paolo for recovering my severely water damaged iPhone! Also the to team at Payam for their professionalism, kindness and awesome refreshing! After being told by two other technicians that there was no hope......Payam found a way!!! Paolo you must be acknowledged for your tenacious will to find a solution! I now have precious photos of my children and most recently of my newborn, which I thought I had lost forever.... Words cannot explain my gratitude and will be forever grateful!!! I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery Specialists! Amazing!!!

Thank you so much!

With Warmth

Troy Williams

Unbelievable! Got told by apple + 5 other phone repair shops that my data was 100% uncoverable and not to waste my time with it and you guys managed to get it all back no problem! Should have gone here straight away

Jenny Stern

I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery. My iphone was 100% dead, I tried every possible process to wake it up and had been advised by a number of technicians that it was close to impossible to retrieve any data - Payam Data Recovery were successful. Thank you

Philip Balfour

My iPhone stopped working for no reason. Unfortunately, I had not backed it up - the phone contained photos of my twins. I was heartbroken, I thought I would never see those photos again. Payam successfully recovered my data! I will forever be grateful. Thank you so much payam

Kate Roulston

Amazing! Were able to recover data from dead iPhone so quickly! So thankful I got it all back. Thanks so much

Sam Heylen

One happy customer! My wife's iPhone suddenly crashed and having not been backed up in over a year we thought we had lost all of her photos, videos etc including baby photos of our 3rd child. Apple said there was nothing we could do except try a data recovery place. Payam were fantastic from whoa to go. They recovered all the data and even provided an iTunes backup of the phone. Couldn't recommend them more highly. Thanks guys

Harry Montgomery

I would like to thanks the team at Payam Data Recovery for the help they given us. My phone was water damaged and had gone blank. The photos of my daughter’s birth were on it. Samsung said they could not help me and I got the same response from any other company I engaged. That phone has been in my car for over a year now just in case I could find someone. I was told about PDR and within a week they have extracted. the photos and they are being delivered. I can't thank you enough. Happy wife, happy life! I will recommend you anytime I can

Desiree Jefferson

After taking my broken iphone to two other places and being told that data was completely irretrievable, I then took it to Payam, where they were successful in retrieving all of my data! Definitely take it here first! Great service and very friendly staff. 10/10 would recommend to anyone. These guys honestly saved my life

Tia Bates

A huge thank you to Paolo for recovering my severely water damaged iPhone! also the team at Payam was very professional, kind and awesome... so refreshing! After being told by two other technicians that there was no hope... Payam found a way!!! Paolo you must be acknowledge for your tenacious will to find a solution! I now have precious photos of my children and most recently of my newborn, which I thought I had lost forever... Words cannot explain my gratitude and will be forever grateful!! Thank you so much! with warmth

Audrey Dyer

Thought all the photos from my iphone were gone but after having the phone for only a day, Payam had recovered all the data and sent my iphone back. Could not be happier


Dropped my iPhone in the toilet - these guys retrieved all my data in 1-2 weeks! Super happy with their service. Very helpful guys

Joe Saxton

Was very surprised they were able to recover all my photos and files from a ocean-water damaged Galaxy Note. Very happy indeed

Alison Wong

AMAZING. I was devastated after I was told by other phone shop/s that data was irrecoverable on my phone (3 years of un-backed up memories right there). I wasn't in a rush (2-3 week expected) but I got a call back from Lachlan in 2 days saying it was all restored successfully. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You guys are amazing

Alex Giangrasso

Recovered data from my water damaged (destroyed) Samsung Galaxy S6 3 weeks after the damage occurred. Amazing service

Lexie Lloyd

I could not give a higher recommendation if I tried, I can't express how happy they've made me!! These people are incredibly friendly and professional, they are your go-to for any damage to your phone, especially water damage which is what I had, A phone that was never backed up, that wouldn't turn on and was deemed unfixable by other companies... I thought the photos and videos of my favourite people were gone forever, but no, thanks to Payam

Tim Knaggs

Vinh & Paolo, a big thank you for recovering all my data lost when my iPhone tried to swim recently. Having no recent backup I was bereft until meeting you. I could not believe your promptness nor that I had so much data hanging in space. You are professional at Payam. Long after the cost is forgotten I have all the information crucial to my existence. Thank you. Tim

Mindy Cole

After dropping my iphone in water and then it not turning on or charging... I thought I had lost my thousand photos and contacts and everything else my life depended on with that phone. I sent it down to the guys at Payam and after only a few days I got the call to say all had been recovered! I am so grateful! Thanks again guys! appreciate it a lot

Amanda Barnes

Paolo and Vinh at Payam were amazing. Not only is their skill amazing but their customer service is 2nd to none! I delivered them my water damaged iphone with precious photos from a recent trip, and within a few days they called with good news they'd been able to recover my data. The best thing is how easy they make it. They provided me with a USB with all my files, but also an iTunes Backup file which I easily restored to my new phone with a little help on the phone from AppleCare. Thanks guys I'll definitely be recommending you to anyone who finds themselves in my position. Cheers

Alexandra Brescia

Coming back from a holiday where I dropped my Iphone 4 with all vacation pics into a pond, I came back and took my phone to PAYAM Data Recovery. Paolo Bileci from Payam was great and told me what needed to be done to retrieve lost data and it was, very quickly as well! Highly recommend this place to everyone!


I can not thank these guys enough!! i was travelling overseas with a group of friends taking photos on my iphone. Sadly one of my friends lost his life overseas and on the second last day my iphone hardware malfunctioned and my phone turned into a brick, losing all our memories. i went to a shop who said it wasn't their problem and i will never get my data back. THANKFULLY for the team at PAYAM Data recovery i was able to get back all of my pictures and nearly all the data was recovered from my phone. meant so much to me, such as lovely company always kept me up to date.

Emjay P.

My experience with Payam Data Recovery was Fantastic!!!! I dropped my iphone a few weeks ago and all data was gone. Brought iphone to Payam and got a call after a few hours saying it's ready to be picked up. I was very happy!

Stephen Brewer

Successfully unlocked my old HTC phone. So happy old photos were recovered. Service is very quick and price is reasonable. Will definitely use your company again when needed.


Thank you for your excellent work, after 3 attempts of trying to recover my photos from my iPhone which I had dropped in the toilet and just stopped working, Payam were able to recover everything from my very dead iPhone!!! Excellent customer service!!! Thank you so much!!!!


Time capsule backup seemed corrupt so rang Payam. Mark patiently assisted me, initially over the phone and then quickly helped me when I visited Payam’s offices. Excellent service.

Ook Tong

Because of this company, I was able to retrieve priceless videos & photos from my iPhone 5S, which was damaged from salt water contact. I took it to them several months after the water incident and they were still able to recover everything. Their service was top notch and I'd highly recommend their service!

Peter Juniper.

Your service was excellent and I couldn’t fault it. Communication, pricing and the processing timing was made very clear and reiterated a number of times. My dead mobile phone was processed surprisingly quickly and the data I wanted to retrieve was recovered.

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Jessica Walker
Jessica Walker

5 out of 5 stars

posted 5 months ago

I just want to write a massive THANK YOU to Payam Data Recovery and specifically Awn from the accounts department for helping me so much.

My 5 year old hard drive that contained a bunch of my personal photos and filed completely failed and died randomly, and I was referred to Payam by my local IT guys. I was horrified to find out that the last year or so of files wasn't backing up and that I had actually lost many photos including irreplaceable photos of my daughter and family.

From the very first phone call, Payam were quick, efficient and explained the process to me thoroughly. They were honest and explained to me about the nature of this work and how it is difficult to guarantee. Within a week I had my hard drive packed and sent to them (they even referred me to my local Pack and Send for safe shipment) and they had quickly assessed the work for me. They were very transparent and honest about costs, and they were also very honest that the recovery work may or may not be successful.

I received CONSTANT updates - through email and text. And the updates were DETAILED. Every step of the process they were up to, I received updates.

Within a few short weeks they were able to amazingly recover over 70,000 photos and files, only 40 files were damaged beyond repair.

Awn from their accounts department was incredible to work with. I was not expecting my hard drive to fail, and I understand the costs involved, but I couldn't afford this cost upfront. And Awn explained options to me, including a 6 and 12 month payment plan, which saved me and my personal photos and files!

After my first payment, my recovered files were safely and quickly sent back to me via express secure post on a quality hard drive, and it was packaged SO WELL!

The mental anguish I suffered as my hard drive was failing, knowing that I had not backed up my photos and files properly, thinking I had lost irreplaceable photos of my family was completely turned around from my very first contact with the team at Payam. They took my stress, explained every detail of the process, my options, payment options and were very honest about the process. They kept me updated every step of the way. These guys are the BEST IN THE BUSINESS! THANK YOU PAYAM!!!!

Corinne Podger
Corinne Podger

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Albert and the team at Payam managed to retrieve both the Mac files from my Mac, AND the Windows files from the virtual machine (Parallels) side of my Mac, after a nasty encounter between my laptop and a beverage. The laptop died but the hard drive survived. The team were fast, professional, sympathetic, and effective. The cost was affordable and absolutely worth it.

Maria Severino
Maria Severino

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

Just when I thought I had lost everything on my Apple Phone. Apple couldn't help with the issue of the phone not turning back on, they sent me to Payam Data Recovery (Sydney). I dealt with Albert who was very professional, explained the whole process on how it works and answered all my questions. I was so devastated as my main concern was all my photos of overseas memories, daughters wedding pics and so on..virtually my whole life on the phone but thanks to the professionalism and work of this company they retrieved everything back for me. I highly recommend Payam Data Recovery. thanks again Albert & team.

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Julian Cox
Julian Cox
Payam provided excellent service from start to finish. Great technical expertise, courteous and prompt communication. I... could not have asked for better. I can see why they quote themselves as the best, as I think they are too! I cannot recommend them highly more
Gabby Pandolfo
Gabby Pandolfo
I’m so grateful that the team at Payam were able to retrieve all the data, there’s years and years of photos that I... thought I’d never see again. They were very prompt in replying to any questions and the turn around was very reasonable Highly recommendread more
Wendy Lou
Wendy Lou
Living in a regional area I had very limited opportunities for a service to recover my data; quotes in the thousands of... dollars. I did some research and came across Payam. I messaged them and had all of my questions answered (even some really dumb ones!). Nervously, I posted my device wondering what would actually happen. After the free evaluation, I paid for the quoted retrieval cost and a new HD. Thankfully (and skilfully) all of my data was retrieved and I received my new (and old) HD’s back. Couldn’t be happier! I wouldn’t recommend anywhere else, no matter where you more
Leon Blackley
Leon Blackley
Thanks very much for the great job - your systems/ service from the very first contact has been unbelievable. The... family is going through the saved data at the moment and all are extremely happy. Highly recommend guys - thanks very muchread more
Giuseppe Pavone
Giuseppe Pavone
Simply incredible customer service from the very first phone call right through fulfillment of recovery from a dead... 3.5" HDD. Thank you team, anyone reading this will be proceeding with absolute certainty that they're in the best more
Pete Gillespie
Pete Gillespie
Very easy to deal with and friendly Im a very happy customer
Kev Britton
Kev Britton
What a great service these guys provide, really professional snd extremely easy to deal with, very satisfied, thank... more
Luke Dickinson
Luke Dickinson
Payam were quick, professional and thorough. I only had one file I needed recovered, and although some of it had... suffered irreparable damage due to hard drive failure, they still managed to recover almost the entire file - so much of it that it was practically a full recovery, in a business-use sense. Worth every penny. Thankyou, Payam!read more
Kini Nikita
Kini Nikita
I would 100% recommend Payam. I accidentally dropped my phone in the ocean where it sat for a few minutes before I got... my hands on it. After drying it out it wouldn’t switch back on. I went and visited Payam and it only took a week for them to fully retrieve all my data (photos, contacts, videos etc) and they delivered it to my door for free a few days later. It was an incredibly easy process and their staff were so lovely, answering all my questions. They are lifesavers!read more
Mani Moon
Mani Moon
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